085 - Find your swag with Jeremy Parker

The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Sep 29 2021 • 24 mins


Jeremy Parker is the Co-Founder and CEO of Swag.com, which helps companies create and distribute quality swag that people will actually want to keep. They work with thousands of companies including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Harry's, Starbucks, Uber, Spotify, Netflix and Tik Tok.

Key points:

0:00 to 3:00 - Jeremy explains who he is, and what Swag.com does.

3:00 to 5:35 - Jeremy tells us his business model and the unique ecommerce distribution system driving it.

5:35 to 6:45 - What’s your why?

6:45 to 9:00 - Jeremy’s connection to NBA Atlanta Hawks Owner Jesse Itzler, and their previous business venture that was acquired.

9:00 to 13:55 - Why start a swag company instead of another type of company?

13:55 to 18:30 - Jeremy explains their decision process for selecting top-of-the-line swag that people will actually want.

18:30 to 20:10 - What’s your vision for the company in the future?

20:10 to 21:40 - Jeremy explains why fear of failure and overthinking keeps entrepreneurs from starting and growing businesses.

21:40 to 22:40 - Book recommendations (see below)

22:40 to 24:00 - Where can people connect with you, Jeremy? (see below)

Book recommendations:

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Connect with Jeremy:

Email: jeremy@swag.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jeremyianparker

Website: swag.com