083 - Changing careers and compressing time with Rich Sanchez

The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Sep 3 2021 • 34 mins


Rich Sanchez is an investor, advisor, and speaker. He is currently the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Pierson Equity Group as well as the Founder & CEO of Product Fit. Listen in as he explains the moment he knew he had to make a career change to compress time and achieve his ideal lifestyle.

Key points:

0:00 to 4:10 - Get to know Rich and his career path.

4:10 to 8:15 - Learn about Rich’s motivation to leave high-status corporate jobs.

8:15 to 13:00 - Rich explains imposter syndrome and how he uses meditation to overcome those feelings.

13:00 to 15:35 - Learn more about the typical private equity business model.

15:35 to 18:35 - How to build trust and credibility when you’re pivoting into a new industry.

18:35 to 22:30 - How do you go about finding the deals and opportunities for investors, as well as finding the investors themselves?

22:30 to 22:45  - The difference between private equity and venture capital.

22:45 to 28:00 - What are the hot industries in acquisition entrepreneurship?

28:00 to 30:00 - How do you handle the pressures of dealing with millions

30:00 to 30:30 - The importance of delegation and having a support team.

30:30 to 34:00 - Book recommendations and contact info.

Connect with Rich:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/richesanchez

Product Fit: aproductfit.com

Pierson Equity Group: piersonequitygroup.com

Check out Muse Meditation device: choosemuse.com