Establishing good habits + Season Updates

Life In Scrubs

Nov 9 2021 • 45 mins

In This Episode, We Talk About:

Ways we are prioritizing goal setting and rest!

How your life can change by working towards being 1% better each day.

Goals we are setting for ourselves.

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Atomic Habits by James Clear


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Show Notes:

How are we already in SEASON 4!? We’re coming up on our 1 year anniversary of the podcast and whether you have been with us from our very first episode, or this is the first one you’re tuning into….thank you for being here! We are sharing some life updates, a new perspective towards the goals we are setting for ourselves, and the importance of making time for both growth and rest! We are so excited to continue to connect and educate her on Life In Scrubs, and can’t wait to see you in person at our upcoming meetups!

02:00 Updates at our hospitals: COVID, staffing, and travel nursing.

07:30 Are you currently precepting?

09:15 Tips for balancing precepting and getting things done in a timely manner.

12:00 What are your plans for the holidays?

14:00 How would your life change if you improved by 1% each day?

18:15 Some of our goals, and ideas you can steal from us!

23:30 Balancing productivity and rest.

26:40 Maddi’s Monday cleaning and self care routine.

29:30 Don’t overcommit!

32:15 How 1 compliment a day can change someone’s day (and yours too!)

36:00 Do you usually make homemade meals?

43:15 Join us for brunch and happy hour!