Episode #6: The Science behind Building Authentic Relationships Series (Part II): Understanding hormones and their connection to relationship building is vital

Teaching Matters 101 Podcast

Mar 22 2023 • 26 mins

Welcome to Teaching Matters 101: a podcast for folks who are passionate about educating diverse students with compassion, care, and courage.  I am your host, Dr. Mel, lifelong learner and educator and CEO of Scholars for the Soul: An Educational Solutions Firm.  We are here to talk about all things education: from teacher identity to teaching strategies, we unpack it all and invite you to join us on this journey of discussing teaching matters that impact education and make real teaching matter.

In our last episode, we discussed a prerequisite to relationship building:  radical welcoming and radical belonging.  There will be no relationship building if we don’t welcome and make space for the diversity and beauty of our students’ individual and collective identities and cultures.

This episode is going to take understanding the science of relationship building to the next level through an understanding of how relationships actually do foster increased academic achievement.

Resources discussed in the podcast (click the highlighted text to access resource):

  1. FREE E-BOOK: First Steps to Understanding and Implementing Culturally Responsive Teaching: Exploring the journey from identity to instruction. This text will guide you on a journey of understanding culturally responsive teaching as a way of being that takes identity work, building academic mindset for yourself and your students, confronting blindspots within your instruction, and advocating for support while practicing critical self-reflection.  It’s a free tool that will empower you to actualize your own personal and professional development that grows your capacity as a culturally responsive educator.
  2. The Urgency for Cultivating Academic Mindset with Dependent Learners
    • IG Live Series @scholars4thesoul
    • Friday nights at 5pm CST (March 3, 10, 17, 24)
    • Components of an academic mindset:
      • I belong to this community.
      • I can succeed at this.
      • My effort is worth the work
      • There is value in the work.
  3. Warm Demander Series:  The identity of a warm demander and how to cultivate that identity through culturally responsive teaching.

"How to Build Academic Mindset through Powerful Instruction" Masterclass.
🗓️ April 1st 10-11:30 AM CST

Learning outcomes:
✍🏾Participants will be able to seamlessly integrate social emotional development skills within their content area.
✍🏾 Participants will be able to design a learning environment of radical belonging that cultivates student intellectual and emotional genius.
✍🏾Participants will be able to design a lesson plan using the 4 academic mindset components.