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Alex Nanna

My name is Alex and I play as my favorite hero Tatiana Sweet to win 5 million dollar to give to her. Fanfiction about sexy digital girls in movies and games.

123 Lindsey Pelas wants you to enjoy these tits
I talk about Superstar Lindsey Pelas and digital entrepreneurship. Fanfiction about sexy digital girls in movies and games. 0:00 - Inspired by Lindsey Pelas Alex talks about how you can become a digital entrepreneur, producer and a superstar 05:00 - Cocorná, May 23. Alex always goes for his "Tinto" (black label coffee: 1000 pesos) at his favorite restaurant, it's a sunny day and the town's centre is always full of activity 34:00 - Why don't you take a picture it lasts longer is from Train, Planes and Automobiles with John Candy and Steve Martin and it's the best businessmodel ever. People turn themselves immortal or iconic with a picture 37:00 - Tatiana Sweet, Lindsey Pelas, Bruce Lee are all iconic 40:00 - Pairing her immense beauty to a product will always get a (Pavlovian) reaction out of anybody. Lindsey Pelas in her red bikini could be considered her Iron Man suit 43:00 - Black metal sheen (like in the IPBB) is what creates this superhero look. Work hard and look bomb is what turns you into a Icon. Lindsey wearing nothing more than a crown is pinnacle: picture perfect 48:00 - What you do in this lifetime echoes into eternity: Turn yourself into a hero, have fun with that and you will be successful 58:00 - The only domainname I really need is tatianasweet.com. To couple a financial "module" to your brand you could have people donating through a private crypto key, Paypal could also work 01:18:00 - As a digital entrepreneur you can create a secure and restricted pipeline with Telegram and a 18+ playground with VK [18+/CCBY] 01:27:00 - I decide if it want swimsuit.cam, but I simply have no use for yet another link. All my domainnames that I don't need are on Bitchute (about) 01:44:00 - With F-droid you can get NewPipe for having your online content be taken offline so that you don't need The Matrix-cable in your neck all the time. It saves on bandwidth (data), you don't need 5g and vpn 02:04:00 - Welcome to Colombia for ease of living
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122 Spaceballs starring Lex Fridman and Chris Mason
I talk about science fiction with Spaceballs Lex Fridman and Chris Mason. Fanfiction about sexy digital girls in movies and games. 0:00 - I challenge Lex Fridman and Chris Mason 08:00 - Nothing lives outside of a timecapsule of 200 years. The extinction of human civilization is therefor a nonstarter because it will never happen. We have trouble with this thing called infinity or a never ending story 15:00 - The discussions can be had but are just cosmic horror stories that have no real value because we like believing in our fantasies being real 23:00 - The end of the universe is a bunch of nonsense. It's impossible to destroy the creation. Wargames is simply a fantastical idea 32:00 - In the future we will learn that these scary stories are just silly. We would need the power of the Sun to destroy the Sun. It always becomes a paradox 38:00 - We want to think that we are actually able to destroy the world to feel like masters of the Universe 45:00 - Yes, we are alone in the Universe. Life only exists on the planet Earth. Nothing can exist in the vacuum of Space 52:00 - We are limited in what we can conceive is possible in the mind and we always loop around to it all starting (and ending) with us through our pop culture (our stories, like Contact) 01:00:00 - Outside of the human drive nothing goes. The opposite of life is death and we can while alive never go there 01:12:00 - Everything that has mass matters if you reverse engineer that then what you compress to almost nothing becomes nothing and therefor is nothing. From supersmall to superbig and versa versa is a magic trick ergo again a paradox. Compression is a shortcut or recoding therefor saving on space but with things being unique then you can not compress at infinitum 01:22:00 - Nothing goes to Mars ever except Quaid in Total Recall 01:30:00 - Earth goes ludicrious speed: 30 kilometers per second. If we "detach" from the Earth's gravity then we are lost in space and we immediately die: our atoms explode, the end 01:40:00 - All the stories of Lex and Chris are fish out of water concepts. Multiplicity is again just science fiction because cloning always creates communication breakdown with those clones dying out very quickly 01:45:00 - Neurolink, cloning, all deviations are off the table 01:55:00 - Artificial Intelligence is the internet. Through the internet we can immediately join forces with our total brainpower expanding human communication by making it faster, ludicrious speed
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121 Alex Mashinsky is building the future of finance
I talk about the amazing Alex Mashinsky from the Celsius Network. Fanfiction about sexy digital girls in movies and games. 0:00 - Alex Mashinsky is a crypto czar that openly tells you how the formula for success works 35:00 - The Celsius Network disclaims that they are not a bank 45:00 - Alex tells you literally how the Ponzi Scheme works. HODL creating the illusion that our worthless coins are worth a lot, bring more suckers so that others start believing in the lie also, but it is still a lie 01:10:00 - Catalyze on the dividind that you get from HODL with Celsius and siphon off and extract your profits back into dollars. Never hold any crypto on public keys and (offline) crypto wallets, keep your coins within a closed system like Coinbase, Celsius Network, etc 01:13:00 - Never send money directly to these public keys linked up with an Opensea account, the Ethereum Network is compromised, your NFT's are worthless (and you know it) 01:23:00 - The middleman (like the Celsius Network) is not doing anything but sit in between profitting from you not understanding the system 01:28:00 - The dividend is the only reason that you want to HODL with the Celsius Network. Alex Mashinsky doesn't create nothing, he doesn't provide true worth 01:32:00 - Go in and out of assets and move things around is like a slight of hand. Crypto is made up fake digital money 01:38:00 - This thief stole my Shiba Inu as an example. Gas fees is yet another Ponzi scheme holding you hostage in your transactions. Elon Musk pointed at the Dogecoin to have it's value go up to have him siphon off back into dollars. Free money, untraceable, deregulated, tax free 01:41:00 - Nobody ever gives a shit about the little man. The Cardano-Man has 11000 acres of land for creating absolutely nothing 01:45:00 - HODL crypto is dead capital that is no longer part of your economy. There is no margin call in cryptocurrency 01:55:00 - Mashinsky is nothing more than a bullshit-artist with a shitty app according to the comments. He has you believe that you need him 02:05:00 - Cryptocurrency will not be the future of finance and will be as worthless as the Venezuelan Bolívar 02:15:00 - Alex Mashinsky gets a award for being a mental gymnastics superstar. He is a wizard. Don't jump ship, people. Keep HODL forever!
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120 The Legend of Padmé
I talk about how the starwars prequels could benefit from a better vision. Fanfiction about sexy digital girls in movies and games. 0:00 - I walked away from a let's play from Deus ex mankind divided which you can skip but then I talk about a cooler concept for Anakin's fall to the dark side 17:00 - The prequels didn't age well: the red eyes, the horrible cgi, the nonsensical tech in the way the ships and that galaxy looks, the story 30:00 - The prequels should have been set in a 1950's retrofitted period piece with a 50s style and feel that fits with 1977 STARWARS including hairy armpits and pubes 42:00 - The cast for a new vision for a pre-starwars movie (trilogy) would be very different. Bradley Cooper as Anakin would be an idea 56:00 - Old and fat Ian McDiarmid, the robots and the clones were stupid; we see too much (cgi) nonsense and so many story and continuity errors 01:07:00 - As a Dark Side warrior you are stronger because you can fight dirty like what happens with Romeo against Tybalt 01:21:00 - Anakin becomes more machine than man and becomes a toy soldier (a Robocop-theme) or like Adam from Deus Ex Human Revolution 01:28:00 - The explosion to the face scene in Spider-Man is one of my favorites. Anakin and Obi-Wan are arrogant like in Gladiator and to save his friend(s) or his love he sacrifices his body 01:35:20 - The legend of Padmé (Bride of Verdun). Anakin couldn't save future soldier Padmé. A futuristic Romeo and Juliet with Anakin as the Shrike 01:50:00 - There would be a naked lovescene with the boys and girls being all natural (hairy) like they would be in the 50s. Anakin, Padmé and Obi-Wan were Stormtroopers or Knights of the Old Republic
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119 Indecent proposal starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Terry Wogan
I talk about the amazing Michelle Pfeiffer being interviewed by a indecent interviewer in 1992. Fanfiction about sexy digital girls in movies and games. 0:00 - Alex investigates Batman Returns Interview with Michelle Pfeiffer and is surprised that the interviewer is so pathetic 19:00 - Terry Wogan did minimum of preparation for his radio and television work in order to protect the spontaneity of his presentation ergo incompetence 26:00 - The interviewer is a doofus and Michelle actually exposes that. Terry Wogan was released from his talk-show contract in 1992, after pressure from the BBC not long after this interview 36:00 - Championing other people (like John Candy) is a feminist strategy and comes from the heart but often the mind wants to take over. Quentin Tarantino shows you how men react more aggressively. 45:00 - Stupid, incapable, incompetent and unsophisticated people (like Wogan) get away with causing the damsel (Pfeiffer) distress 01:00:00 - Pfeiffer is more aware of the function of the interview (get more butts in the seat and don't spoil it) than the interviewer 01:15:00 - Laurel & Hardy also got trapped by abbrassive pricks with the camera becoming a exploitative weapon 01:37:00 - Like the Force? Look at Michelle Pfeiffer's epic handling of the whip and compare it to the boys playing with sticks in STARWARS (and it's not even Mark Hamill doing the swordplay) 01:55:00 - The whip handling is a really dangerous stunt which when handled poorly will cut into your flesh. Her whip trainer is Anthony De Longis
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118 Never deliver on the promise
May 15 2022
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