Episode 198 - (Season 4, Episode 8) - Cultivating a Killer Virtual Culture

The Boom Real Estate Podcast

Oct 1 2020 • 29 mins

Episode 198 (Season 4, Episode 8)

Cultivating a Killer Virtual Culture

Creating an intentional business culture is imperative to any business, especially a virtual one! With that, the Boom Team hits this topic “head on” and goes deep into the practice of creating a great team culture.

Also—and we’re not quite sure why—Todd dreams of a stalker. Terry questions whether he is on the right podcast. Megan questions her choice in marrying Todd. And finally, Christian questions what to have for lunch.

It doesn’t get more serious than this, so join The Boom Team and let’s talk about building an amazing business culture!


  • Todd ruins what was the greatest jingle ever [2:24]
  • Megan ruins Todd’s dream of having a stalker [4:12]
  • Ferris Farm chicken update [5:20]
  • Culture is everything, especially virtual [7:31]
  • First step is to define what your culture is [9:12]
  • Know your brand [11:20]
  • Terry things he might be in the wrong place [13:00]
  • From a brokerage’s perspective: Recruit the right people! Shed the wrong people. [13:26]
  • Todd’s Silly Segment: Aren’t you glad you’re not a…bank teller [15:10]
  • The Poop Podcast marches on! Why! [17:23]
  • Treat your agents like you want to be treated [19:18]
  • Megan reaches deep into her “messed-up-quotes” bag [21:59]
  • Virtual teams and brokerages still need consistent meetings [23:50]
  • Consider taking trips together [25:02]
  • Don’t forget to add personalization [26:30]
  • Lean into your brand and your culture! [27:41]



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