Good Thoughts

Gary Epler

Good Thoughts is about transforming your life into a high energy, creative, and enjoyable way of living. Some people are stressed and disconnected from the community because they spend too much time being angry or in fear, and too much time having thoughts of self-criticism, self-pity, resentment, and taking from others. People need to know their true selves. In 2019, Dr. Gary Epler discovered the connection between the new brain science and a new way of life referred to as the Eplerian Philosophy defined by seven words that will change the world. “Know who you are moment by moment.” You know who you are at any moment because it's the brain region you're thinking from. Learn to transfer out of your anger center and your self-centered brain region for a healthier more productive life. Learn to know who you are moment by moment to live your best life at home, at work, and in the community. Be exceptional by being your true self. Thrive on your uniqueness. – Dr. Gary Epler