Cash Flow Focused - Taylor Brown - Leaders Who Scale - Episode # 023

Leaders Who Scale

Sep 29 2022 • 42 mins

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Well, if you know how to plan your business correctly, you'll see it grow! Today's guest is Taylor Brown, Owner of Elite Turf Supply and Turf Impressions. Taylor joins Jeff Siegel on Leaders Who Scale to discuss how his landscaping business grew out of the ground and across hundreds of neighbors' lawns. Listen in on Taylor's tips and tricks on advancing your company to the next level.


  • Do not be afraid to expand your company. If you see an open opportunity to expand, go for it. Take on the challenges that come your way.
  • It's so important to have two different companies, specifically, one focused on installs, and the other focused on supply. This is crucial to have because it helps with relieving stress for you and your employees. Having two different companies will make the process and work very fluid.
  • Make sure to reach out to different companies. Look for ones that are similar to yours and see if they manufacture whatever your company specializes in. Then offer to work with them and distribute products to expand your business within other businesses, growing your connections.
  • Try to differentiate your product so that you are the only company that manufactures it. Position it so your customers think that there is no competition.
  • If you continue to scale past your competitors, you will have an opportunity to get a bigger supply chain in order for your company to grow.
  • Remember, you want to make sure you change the lives of your customers and the lives of your coworkers as well. Make them feel wanted and welcomed.
  • Customers do not work to get you. You work to get the customers. Don't let them do everything.

Quote of the Show:

  • “To any listeners, you think you have it all figured out that might change and that's okay because you think you know your life's laid out but right around the corner might be something better. So be open to it, and try new things. You might just find something better right around the corner.” (38:55)


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