9. Rethinking Approaches to Fundraising and Movement Building

Mission to Scale

Feb 7 2022 • 34 mins

How do you build a movement of people with deeply opposing views? How do you get them to buy into your vision? Our guest this week, Dream Corps CEO Nisha Anand, turned the challenge of finding common ground in a divisive political climate into a mission.

Dream Corps is a nonprofit organization founded by US TV host and social entrepreneur Van Jones. The organization advances solutions to society’s biggest problems by bringing people together across racial, social, and partisan lines.

In this episode, Nisha shares practical and valuable insights on how to approach movement building. As a veteran fundraiser, she also talks about an important lesson from Van Jones that pushed her to think about fundraising differently, as well as straightforward yet powerful advice on fundraising that led to a $100 million dollar gift from Jeff Bezos.

Learn more about Nisha’s work at Dream Corps.


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