14: Celsius Freeze Withdrawals, PayPal Embracing Crypto, Telegram for Venting +more Crypto and web3 Weekly News Recap

Crypto Vibes Weekly

Jun 18 2022 โ€ข 17 mins

Hot outside but cold when a big platform such as Celsius freezes withdrawals. While there is always not-so-good news with any market, there was a lot to be positive about this week in crypto. One awesome point, would be if regulation does NOT tax staking or mining until an actual taxable event such as selling occurs, keep your fingers crossed.

Week 24, Year 2022, Episode 14.

Crypto Vibes Podcast by Fort Brox is a weekly podcast recapping the news in the world of crypto.

Show Notes



(00:00:00) Intro Song

(00:00:23) Show Intro

(00:00:47) Disclosures

(00:02:22) Headliners of the Week web5 is One

(00:03:31) Celsius Saga

(00:05:07) Mr. Wonderfull Soundbite

(00:05:19) Staking and Mining Gains Should Not Be Taxed

(00:06:31) PayPal CEO Positive Thoughts on Crypto

(00:07:01) Elon Hints at Crypto with Twitter

(00:07:23) Goldman Sachs Executes First Trade

(00:07:34) Lido DAO

(00:07:50) Immutable $500 Million Gaming and web3 Fund

(00:08:13) Helium News

(00:08:28) Bored Ape Yacht Club Pricing Slump, duh.

(00:08:37) Do Kwon Allegations of Cash Out

(00:08:54) Crypto.com Cutting Jobs Unfortunately

(00:09:19) Binance.Us Lawsuit Over Terra

(00:09:35) Coinbase Cuts 18% of Workforce

(00:10:36) Michael Saylor MicroStrategy 28% Down

(00:10:50) Nexo On Celsius

(00:11:08) Others Are Hiring

(00:11:24) Wallet Vulnerability

(00:11:39) BitMax Co-founder Gets 30 Months Probation

(00:11:55) Inverse Defi Platform Exploited

(00:12:09) Huobi Closing Thailand Offering

(00:12:25) $258 Billion Dogecoin Lawsuit Against Elon's Companies

(00:12:41) Gender Gap News and Efforts

(00:12:54) Jim Kramer Bearish On Crypto

(00:13:27) Former WeWork CEO In Crypto

(00:13:44) Gender Diversity Op-Ed

(00:13:59) NFT Market's Need For Liquidity

(00:14:07) Fed Raises Rates

(00:14:42) US Labor Department Urged To Rescind Crypto Guidance

(00:15:05) SEC Investigates Insider Trading At Exchanges

(00:15:18) Telegram Just For Venting

(00:16:06) Mark Cuban Thoughts

(00:17:00) In Closing


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