11: Week 21 Year 2022 Crypto News Recap GameStop Wallet, Terra Comeback Attempt, VC Crypto Funds, Bad Interviews, ETH Updates + more

Crypto Vibes Weekly

May 28 2022 โ€ข 16 mins

How can a market be experiencing such a crash in the midst of so much heavy adoption? GameStop launched a Wallet, VC's have raised billions to fund crypto and web3 companies, Coinbase is on the Fortune 500 list, and so much more with the weekly recap of whatโ€™s happened in Crypto news.

Week 21, Year 2022, Episode 11.

Crypto Vibes Podcast by Fort Brox is a weekly podcast recapping the news in the world of crypto.


(00:00:00) Crypto Vibes Intro Song

(00:00:01) Intro & Disclosures

(00:01:08) GameStop Wallet

(00:01:23) Terra / Luna Updates

(00:02:37) Binance News

(00:02:58) Ethereum News

(00:04:02) Selling Land In Africa With $BTC

(00:04:10) Earn Crypto For Your Data

(00:04:26) Aaron Levie Box CEO Soundbyte

(00:05:14) Coinbase on Fortune 500 List

(00:05:32) Coffeezill Exposing Crypto Scams

(00:05:42) ENS Service Crushing It

(00:05:57) Major Outages On Solana and Nano Networks

(00:06:45) Goldman Sachs Crypto Crash POV

(00:06:56) "Crypto Assets Are Worth Nothing"

(00:07:53) OpenSea Introduces Seaport

(00:08:49) JPMorgan Crypto Update

(00:09:18) Income Impacts How Consumers Use Crypto: Report

(00:09:34) eBay Launches NFT Collection

(00:09:46) Japanese Bank Digital Asset Custodian

(00:09:59) Earn While You Learn

(00:10:17) Mastercard Exe Crypto Quote

(00:11:00) NFL Play To Earn Gaming

(00:11:13) Crypto Influencer Hype Machine

(00:11:24) NFT Trading Card App of Influencers

(00:11:51) Study: Lack of Knowledge Biggest Barrier To Crypto Entry

(00:13:18) Tether X Peso

(00:13:26) Portugal Crypto Tax Limbo

(00:13:50) Digital Yuan Not For US

(00:14:04) More CBDC Updates

(00:14:13) MetaMask Helping Victims of Scams

(00:14:24) Crypto VC Updates - Good Stuff

(00:15:13) What Not To Do As A Crypto Founder On A National Interview

(00:15:49) In Closing


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