Market FUD, Apple Makes Changes, MetaMask ETH PayPal +more | Crypto Vibes EP 40

Crypto Vibes Weekly

Dec 18 2022 ā€¢ 15 mins

The week has been nothing short of volatile. Everything from market FUD (Fear, Un certainty, and Doubt) to Trump NFTs being sold out, but not without some hiccups.

This and more in this week's recap of news.

Week 50, Year 2022, Episode 40.


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:23) Show intro

(00:00:49) Disclosures

(00:00:59) Thoughts for the week

(00:01:25) Apple App store changes

(00:02:40) Crypto auditors call it quits

(00:04:13) FTX Investment limbo

(00:05:18) Axios exclusive The Block and SBF

(00:06:17) No Bail for SBF

(00:06:24) SECs Gensler under fire

(00:07:08) Crypto bill updates

(00:09:17) Twitter blue pricing to combat Apple

(00:09:38) SBF charges

(00:09:49) CFOs steep learning curve

(00:10:23) Argo Blockchain updates

(00:10:34) Osmosis and Cosmos

(00:10:40) Mercury Bank in the news

(00:11:08) CZ quote

(00:11:20) More Binance headlines plus Mr. Wonderful

(00:13:11) Trump NFTs are gonna be Huuuge

(00:13:51) New York banks need approval with crypto

(00:14:01) Meta Mask buy ETH with PayPal

(00:14:25) In closing


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šŸ”„ Host Neil Alonzo


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