1/18/20: Becoming Sources of Light

Keys of the Kingdom

Jan 18 2020 • 1 hr 55 mins

Unspun news; Money is not our interest; "Darkness" in the bible; Nature detests a void; Putting a light on a lampstand; Losing sight of truth; How to see clearly; Australia issues; Raising consciousness; Hating unrighteousness does not bring light; History missing from schools; Personal revelation; 1 Tim 2; Iranian excessive punishment; Fighting evil with light; Revolutionary battles without death; Second amendment; Not "getting" the bible; Instructing in meekness; Bondage worse than Egypt; Rome's unrighteous mammon; Tyrannical presidents; Being friends with unrighteousness mammon; 1 Tim 3 and "last days"; Christ's solution; Paul's Timothy list of manifested darkness; Modern Church's destructive doctrines; Wanting to sit in darkness; Christ said there would be "many"; Silly women; Righteousness begets blessing; Plowing Adamah; Power corrupts; Repent!; Solar driven climate change; Magnetic pole reversals; Filtering information through Holy Spirit; Misinterpreting Paul; Socialist Israel vs biblical Israel; Real salvation; Sedition; Coming in the name of Christ; Bearing true witness; Project Veritas; Gulags and road of bones; Why Socialism is bad; Christ gave you the solutions; Julius Caesar and Gall history; Buying consciences; Similarities to today; Using Rome as historical example to open eyes today; How to get God to hear you; Christ coming that the world MIGHT be saved; "conversation" revisited; Invasions from the north; Global warmth brought prosperity.