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It must be Groak: New Album
Apr 25 2023
It must be Groak: New Album
'It must be Groak' Is the new album by Sam Langley (me). It's a real piece of work and is quite good to listen to if you like 15 second songs about Steven Spielboy, Blue sauce, Red sauce, Anthony Head, Head Chef Andy Head, Tom Cruz and Medieval haircuts. 25 years in the making, this is a collection of deeply personal 'songs' that will make you cry out for something more accessible. Why did it take so long? Well it takes 9 months to make a baby and, sometimes, it takes 25 years to create a masterpiece. All the music was composed within 2 hours, the lyrics took far longer. Every song has a story behind it. The concept behind 'You saved Hollywood's ass' came to me on Holiday in the South of France. I'd gone there with my grown up step-son Bennet for a bit of Father-Son bonding. Unfortunately it rained the entire time we were there and so we were confined to our windowless one room apartment. There wasn't much to do except read through the enormous pile of glossy magazines that I had brought, and it was whilst thumbing through a copy of Grazia that I stumbled upon an article that would inspire me to write this world changing anthem. Steven Spielboy and Tom Cruz haven't always seen eye to eye. Their relationship has been somewhat turbulent over the last 20 years and it was a wonderful surprise to hear the diminutive Director praising the diminutive Actor for 'Saving Hollywood's ass'. As I just mentioned, I was both surprised and delighted. 'Well well well', I thought to myself. 'Wonders will never cease'. And then the next thing that I thought was: 'Jeseus, I'm hungry' and I went and made myself a pecan butter sandwich. Later that day, I recalled the article and once again wobbled my enormous spherical head. 'Well well well' I thought (and perhaps even muttered to myself') and then Wham! It hit me like a big strong boxer man hitting another slightly smaller boxer man: This would make good song. There's a story behind each of the 19 songs on 'It must be Groak'. You can listen now using this link https://www.fuggwodge.com/music Do take care. All the best Sam