DeSantisland with Dave Seminara

Dave Seminara

If you're tired of listening to "news" about Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis that's actually left-wing narrative designed to ensure Donald Trump gets the GOP nomination, listen to this podcast, where writer and former diplomat Dave Seminara tells the truth about Florida. Dave breaks down the latest news and fake news about DeSantis and Florida with his unique blend of humor and wit. He also details his travels around the state and the world and educates listeners on Florida geography while documenting what life is like in all 67 counties in the state.

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Ep. 13: The Life and Times of Ron DeSantis: A Summary of His Life in 67 Questions & Answers
May 22 2023
Ep. 13: The Life and Times of Ron DeSantis: A Summary of His Life in 67 Questions & Answers
In this episode, you'll learn verything you've always wanted to know about Ron DeSantis but can't get via Google searches because the media hates this man so much and won't tell the truth about him or his policies. Ron DeSantis is a very private man. Unlike other narcissistic politicians who endlessly talk about themselves, Florida's governor usually sticks to politics. And he doesn't advertise his blue-collar origins, either, as most politicians do (even if their connection to the working class is dubious.)  This is why I'm taking the time to delve deep into what is know about DeSantis' life and career, based upon my research, which includes trips to the neighborhood he grew up in, which I call DeSantisland. Using a question-and-answer format, I answer 67 questions about Ron DeSantis, ranging from his baseball career to his ancestry to his time in the military and in Congress to his stance on the issues and more. We clear about many common misconceptions about DeSantis' policies on parental rights in education (don't say gay as the media mischaracterizes it), book banning, African-American studies, and a lot more.   If you think you know everything there is to know about Ron DeSantis, think again! I guarantee you'll learn a lot you didn't already know about the man who could be our next President in this episode. DeSantisland isn't affiliated with the DeSantis campaign.