How To Prevent Phobias & Fears Limiting Our Growth -Annette McCoy & Marney Perna

Angel Heart Radio

Aug 2 2017 • 1 hr

Marney Perna is the author of Creating Calm Amid the Chaos. Marney is a Kinesiologist, Speaker and work shop facilitator Marney is with Annette McCoy in the first week of each month. Today is the day!!!!!! What are your fears? Do U have phobias? Both can BE limiting your personal growth and BEing Marney and Annette will BE discussing how to deal with our parsonal fears and phobias. There are startegies that we can use to release these often long held fears U may like to ring in with your particular phobia or fear. U may have a question for Marney. Annette and Marney delight in having "live" interaction with Listeners in the chatroom or via the call in number +1 714 583 6858 Please join us now or later via the podcast