"Pray for Oblivion to His Memory": Frederick Douglass on the Legacy of Robert E. Lee- with Codie Eash

Addressing Gettysburg Podcast

Mar 31 2020 • 16 mins

Codie Eash was supposed to deliver a lecture on January 18 as part of the 2020 Winter Lecture Series that the Park Service puts on. But it was snowed out. So they changed it to March 28...and it was Wuhaned out. We reached out to Codie and offered him a platform to talk about his lecture. Keep an eye on our free feed because Codie is going to record the lecture in full for us.
I LOVED doing this interview. We recorded at the Point of Woods out in front of the Virginia Memorial. It was a gorgeous day. Then, as soon as we sat down to record, the clouds rolled in and it got cold. Gotta love March. Anyway, that didn't take away from how interesting the topic is and what a great presenter Codie is. I'm sure you're going to enjoy this.
I hope you're all well as can be and no one close to you has been adversely affected by the virus.
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