Igniting Conversations with Flint & Steph - About the Hosts

Igniting Conversations with Flint & Steph Podcast

Apr 18 2023 • 1 hr

Season 1: Episode 1: Provides a little insight about the hosts and how they became who they are today. Join Flint & Steph as they discuss their intimate journey of success and struggle, separating the conversation into 4 therapeutic segments: 🔥Breathing in the Present, 🔥Crushing Myths to Reach Fulfillment, 🔥Deep Dives, & 🔥Fuel Your Fire. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. 🎙🎙

This co-hosted video series & audio podcast, starring Flint Faulkner and Stephanie Romero, delivers an intimate insight into the stressful life of successful overachievers, by discussing the pros & cons of being a high performance working professional, as well as other challenges related to the non-stop action and inevitable fatigue of true professionals. Guest appearances provide additional perspective on how to overcome the dreaded obstacles of fear, doubt, lack of confidence, overwhelming stress, delivering essential alternative approaches to the daily battles our professional and personal pursuits tend to bring. Join us in our journey in becoming the best versions of ourselves. Listen to deep, inspirational, heart to heart discussions related to the humanitarian aspects of why we succeed and why we fail. Gain critical knowledge and application in order to “stay the course”. Build your own personal “persistence arsenal”, vital for crashing through those “uphill” moments.