Esports Careers Podcast

Drew Proctor

Drew Proctor & Robin Silk delve behind the curtains of the esports industry. From interns to CEOs, we're on a quest to interview the most impactful personalities in esports about their journeys, defining moments, and advice for people like us looking to do the same. New episodes every other Tuesday.
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The Esports Careers Podcast (Trailer)
How To Stand Out To Recruiters In The Esports Industry ft. Aaron Mullenix (fmr Riot Games)Building An Anti-Toxic Social Network to Bring Esports Fans Closer Together ft. Ben Goldhaber (Juked)Building A Collegiate Esports Program From The Ground Up ft. Chase Sommer (Wake Tech Esports)Respond, Don't React: Mental Coaching in Esports ft. Jared Tendler (fmr Team Liquid)Exploring The Intersection of Esports Law, Talent Management, & Education ft. Justin M. JacobsonHow A 16-Year-Old Made A Name For Himself As An Esports Commentator ft. Ethan "Sully" TranFrom 600 Elo To LCS Head Coach ft. Nick "Inero" Smith (LCS Head Coach @ Golden Guardians)The Esports Careers Podcast (Trailer)Paving Your Own Path with Collegiate Esports ft. Carson Giles (Marketing at CU Boulder Esports)Lateral Moves Into the Esports Industry ft. Lily Lewis (Marketing Partnerships Manager at CLG)Health is Wealth: Physical Therapy in Esports with Dr. Jordan TsaiFinding Fullfilment Through Your Esports Journey ft. Zachary SnaderRefining Your Craft, Challenging Yourself, and Esports Journalism ft. Adam FitchA Perspective On College Esports From The CCO Of Collegiate StarLeague with Neil DuffyFrom Grassroots Esports To Working With The Biggest Gaming Influencers ft. Kyle AppelquistHow He Got A Job At ESPN Esports with Daniel ColletteLaw & Esports with Genie Doi and Samuel JohnsonHow He Became The Community Manager For The #1 Fantasy Esports Company with Jesse RobertsFrom Engineer To Esports Marketing Analyst For Golden Guardians meet Sam HanHow And Why YOU Should Join Collegiate Esports with Ashley Denktas