Creepy History

Fraser & Jennifer Coffeen

These are the creepy and weird stories that make history great, the ones you wish they taught you in school. Unexplained phenomenon, real life zombies, bank robbers dressed like Santa, haunted dolls, spontaneous human combustion... it's all here. Every week we tell two stories, plus share a creepy cocktail. Join us and dive into the weird and creepy stories you love to hear! New episodes every Thursday. Hosted by Fraser & Jennifer Coffeen. Twitter: @CreepyHist Instagram: @CreepyHistPod
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2.11 - Vlad Dracula & The Trick or Treat Murder
2.11 - Vlad Dracula & The Trick or Treat Murder2.10 - The Ring Story & The Werewolf of Ansbach2.9 - The Altamont Concert Disaster & The True Story of Jaws2.8 - Burke and Hare & Eva Peron's Body2.7 - Sawney Bean & The Girl Who Died Twice2.6 - King Tut's Curse & Early Medical Malpractice2.5 - The Death of Poe & Mary Toft and Her Rabbits2.4 - Edgar Allan Poe & The Mignonette and The Dyatlov Pass Incident2.3 - The Jonestown Massacre and The Soap-Maker of Correggio2.2 - The Disappearance of Percy Fawcett and the Lost Roanoke Colony pt. 22.1 - The Roanoke Colony part 1 and Lady Con ArtistsCreepy Short - Necropants1.10 - Krampus and the Santa Claus Bank Robbery1.9 - The D.B. Cooper Hijacking1.8 - Robert the Haunted DollCreepy Short Thanksgiving Special - Ragamuffins and Macy's Parade Disasters1.7 - The Holy Child of La Guardia and Spontaneous Human Combustion1.6 - The Disappearance of Dorothy Arnold and the Truth Behind Nostradamus1.5 - The Manhattan Well Murder and Doppelgangers1.4 - The Real Exorcist Story and Clairvius Narcisse