One of Our Most Inspirational Podcasts – We Had to Share it Again!

Moms for America Podcast

Jan 2 2024 • 44 mins

Earlier this year, we brought you a story so inspirational, we decided to share it again. Our conversation with Jonathan Isaac was an incredible example of patriotism and courage.  In July 2020, we saw widespread, violent protests instigated by Black Lives Matter (BLM). Professional sports teams caved to public pressure and players knelt for the National Anthem. Jonathan, a power forward for the Orlando Magic, refused. When his teammates wore black and chose to kneel for the National Anthem, Jonathan, a man of faith, refused to betray his conscience. Wearing his team uniform, he remained standing out of respect for our nation.

In addition to an impressive basketball career, Jonathan is a husband, father, author, and speaker. Because of his Christian faith, Jonathan believes that God is the only answer to the world’s pain and division. Therefore, in July of 2020, he could not support the NBA’s league-wide demonstration and support for BLM. Hear his story of courageous patriotism and faith. If you missed it the first time, listen in and share this story!