Mom Talks Business and Beauty Industry

Moms for America Podcast

Dec 12 2023 • 29 mins

In 2020, Vivianna Thomas worked for a company and had a toddler and a child in public school. In three short years, she transformed her life. She is now a business owner and homeschooling mom. Her business, American Woman Beauty is so much more than just a beauty brand. As a proud American, Vivianna wanted American-made products that women could feel confident wearing. In addition, they have products for men! Whether made in-house or sourced from American small businesses, these are high-quality cosmetics, grooming, and hygiene products.

Vivianna founded American Woman Beauty to inspire other women to be fearless and to be resilient. That is exactly the inspiration you will find in our conversation today. If you have ever considered changing your life, this is the episode for you. After waking up one day and deciding to transform her life, Vivianna did just that. Hear her story!