217: Halloween Horror Nights 25, An Immersive Theater Experience

The Travelers

Oct 6 2015 • 16 mins

*2015 marks the 25th anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights here at Universal Studios in Orlando. Every year since 1991, this event has grown not only at this park, but at other Universal Studios Theme Parks all around the world.
Together, my wife and I got to experience the whole event as a part of a VIP press event, which included touring 9 elaborately designed haunted mazes and multiple outdoor “scare zones”. They’ve basically turned the entire theme park and nine of the professional sound stages into one enormous haunted environment. It was, hands down, the most incredible and surreal outdoor atmosphere and immersive theater experience I’ve ever wandered through.

Interested in attending Halloween Horror Nights 25?
This is the perfect year to go for the first time or return and re-immerse yourself in the 25 years of Horror Night homage. Get your tickets information here. And be sure to check out these posts from friends of the show for everything you need to know:

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