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The best conversations happen around food. The most pressing and relevant topics of today through the lens of everyday people like us. Hosted by founder of the global community FitMenCook, Kevin Curry, and his videographer and friend, Jesse. 45-minute bi-weekly podcast with a mini video documentary on the topic.

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Ep 12 - Trapping people in poverty
Feb 9 2023
Ep 12 - Trapping people in poverty
Today, we discuss the impact proposed SNAP/EBT legislation in Iowa will have on food security in the state with Luke Elzinga, Iowa Hunger Coalition.Luke Elzinga (@lukeelzinga) - Hunger Coalition - sources:,to%2079.1%20billion%20U.S.%20dollars.,or%20about%20%2429%2C940%20a%20year. video episode - earlier episodes - inspiration -