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Nick and Amy with The Ultimate Intimacy App

Nick and Amy are the creators and owners of the Ultimate Intimacy App. They are raw, unscripted, personal, and Nick will probably say things he will regret. They have made it through 18 years of marriage raising 4 kids, 3 dogs, and crazy life experiences. Their podcast is focused on helping couples find "Ultimate Intimacy" in and out of the marriage bedroom. Check out the Ultimate Intimacy App at ultimateintimacy.com
42. 10 Ways To Strengthen Sexual Intimacy During The Holidays41. How To Bring Back The Honeymoon Stage (sex and intimacy) In Your Marriage
Nov 23 2021
39 mins
40. How Anxiety Impacts Marriage And Intimacy39. Porn = Poison In Your Marriage38. How To Stay Present During Sex37. Understanding Your Desire Styles... For More Frequent And Better Sex!
Oct 27 2021
31 mins
36. Sexual Intimacy is VITAL for Survival in Marriage35. How Your Words Can Build or Destroy Intimacy34. From Boring to Soaring Sex... and Intimacy!33. Overcoming Loneliness In Marriage and finding Ultimate Intimacy again32. How Debt and Finances Impact Physical and Emotional Intimacy31. From a "Roommate" Marriage to a "Romance" Marriage30. It's All About The Clitoris! The Key To Unlocking Female Pleasure with Cindy ScharkeyBonus Q&A Plus Our New Products and Update29. Finding Ultimate Intimacy through the 80/80 Marriage28. Shifting Your Attitude To Have A Better Sex Life with Keelie and Austin Reason27. 7 Day Sex Challenge Results... Plus The Many Benefits of Having Sex More Often
Aug 19 2021
32 mins
26. How to make more time for sexual intimacy in your marriage25: How do the myths you believed about sex and intimacy affect your "Ultimate Intimacy"?
Aug 5 2021
28 mins
24. Finding Sexual Balance When Dealing With Different Sex Drives