Daily blog (audio): It was great not having my phone

The Daily RISE

Dec 22 2020 • 2 mins

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Last Break Point insight, I promise.

As part of the event, we all had to leave our phones at 'base'.

I'd already left mine in the car actually, knowing we wouldn't be able to take it around with us.

So I spent 11 hours total without my phone on me.

And it was great.

Checking my phone less frequently has been part of my approach to being more 'present' this year.

With mixed success.

It is hard to go without, isn't it?

It does so many things that we need or want to do on a daily basis.

But it's so easy to over do.

Having it 'not an option' took that potentially away from me.

Much of that two hours in that field was, essentially, 'waiting'.

Time I'd usually spend on my phone.

That not being there meant I could so something else with my mind.

Arguably "less productive" short term.

Definitely more so longer term.

But the key was it not being an option.

Not relying on will power.

I've since bought a 'phone safe' for use at home.

It has a timed lock on so, once my phone goes in, it's impossible to get it till the timer runs out.

Removes will power from the equation.

I can still jump on my laptop if I need to check or send a message (or do anything else I can do on my phone) - but that doesn't draw me back in in the same way.

Here's another good one for you:

Where our environment doesn't support our goals.........

All we are left with is willpower.

Hopefully we all know that chocolate, sweet, biscuits, cake, ice cream, crisps, etc aren't inherently fattening?

But they are very moreish, easy to over do and often the difference maker for many between being in deficit (or maintenance) and being in a surplus.

------------- Replace the above with anything else you find easy to over do ------------

We could have them in the house and not (over) eat them, of course.

But if that's not happened in the past, it probably won't happen going forward.

We're setting our environment up so that all that we are left with is willpower.

That finite resource that hasn't worked for us before.

When we make the desired behaviour as easy as possible..........

And / or the undesired behaviour as hard as possible........

We're infinitely more likely to do it.

Much love,

Jon 'E.T.' Hall