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Welcome to the OSHA Oops! Podcast brought to you by GotSafety. We understand that safety is boring - but it's also essential. We're here to try and make it easier and more interesting. We have over 30 years of experience with OSHA and workplace safety. So join us for breakdowns of OSHA codes, OSHA updates, news, and more.

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016: Lock Out Tag Out and Cleaning
016: Lock Out Tag Out and Cleaning015: One of the MOST Common OSHA Citations014: Don't Forget To Guard ALL Machinery.013: When PPE is NOT Safe012: Staffing Agencies! Avoid This Mistake011: Don't Make This Simple Point of Operation Mistake010: $4.5k Extension Ladder Fine009: Are You Tracking Employee Trainings?008: 5k Commercial Sewing Machine Fine007: Dirty Eyewash Stations Could Cost You 5k006: Emergency Showers and How To Avoid the Fine005: Emergency Action Plan Webinar004: Avoid This Common Lockout Tagout Mistake003: Reporting Accidents and Avoiding Fines002: Don't Drop $22k on a Lockout Tagout Violation001: How to Avoid an $18k Step Ladder Citation