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The Agenda Podcast with Stephen Cole is a weekly podcast looking beyond the headlines and accepted wisdom to find the real story.Hosted by award-winning journalist and presenter Stephen Cole, the show quite simply sets the agenda. You won't find the same old talking heads recycling platitudes, instead, The Agenda Podcast brings you thought-provoking guests who debate and explore key issues in today's world.
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Episode 61: The Beautiful Game
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Oil fueled the 20th century—its cars, its wars, its economy and its geopolitics. As the US returns to the Paris Climate accord and after President Biden pledged to halve carbon emissions  by the end of 2030, the world is speeding up the shift to a new, greener order. But what does that really mean? Will we finally say goodbye to fossil fuels? This week, The Agenda Podcast with Stephen Cole talks to people in "power" to see what the future of energy may look like.First on the podcast Stephen talks to Joseph McMonigle, Secretary-General of the International Energy Forum. He tells Stephen that limited fossil fuel use could continue even with net-zero emissions [00:40]. As the world looks to alternative sources of energy, oil and gas companies are facing more pressure to transition and survive. Stephen asks Ulrika Wising, Global Vice President of Customer Solutions and Renewable Energy Solutions at Shell about what they are doing to help customers to de-carbonize [07:02]. Nuclear is considered a clean energy  - in relation to carbon -  but many people are hesitant about nuclear power or rather nuclear power plants. Dr. Jonathan Cobb from the World Nuclear Association explains that it is an energy source that's providing an enormous benefit at the moment, supplying 10 percent of electricity without greenhouse gas emissions. [11:23]. Finally we talk to Francesco La Camera, the director general of IRENA. He explains that last year saw the biggest ever increase in renewable energy capacity[16:23].
May 17 2021
24 mins
Episode 56: Travel and Leisure
Before the pandemic, tourism was growing faster than the world's economy and traveling had never been easier. Then COVID-19 brought globetrotting to a halt and left the trillion-dollar industry in tatters. But with rapid vaccination bringing optimism, can the sector now get back on the move? How different will the travel experience be? And which parts of the world are open for business?First on the podcast we talk to Eduardo Santander, CEO of the European Travel Commission. He explains why his organization is optimistic about the European summer and why it could be make or break for the travel industry [00:36]. Next we talk to Angela Gerekou, president of the Greek National Tourism Organization. She tells Stephen Cole how every effort is being made to prepare and how she wants the country to be a global center of sustainable tourism by 2030 [06:50].Another restless sector is the hotel industry. Travel restrictions wiped out more than $138bn in turnover, ending a decade of growth. Rocco Forte, chairman of the luxury chain Rocco Forte Hotels, explains how he plans to battle the ‘Zoom boom’ and bring back leisure and corporate customers [13:08].The airline industry has far from escaped the turbulent times of the past 16 months, losing $126 billion in 2020, with a further $47 billion loss expected this year. Despite this, Bjorn Tore Larsen has founded a new airline, Norse Atlantic Airways, and explains why he's pinning his hopes and money on a great travel take-off by the end of 2021 [18:25].
May 11 2021
24 mins
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Apr 6 2021
24 mins
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