Encanto (2020)

A Lifetime of Happiness: Movies, TV, and Video Games

Mar 30 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

The Steves welcome back Dennis Quigley to discuss Disney's 60th animated feature film and sleeper hit, Encanto, along with what's making them happy in pop culture today.

What's Making Us Happy?

  • Are You The One? (Netflix/Paramount+)
  • Smiggadoon (Apple TV+)

Encanto Topics

  • Music Lyrics Trivia
  • Names and Numbers behind the magic
  • Our favorite Madrigals
  • What magical power would you want?
  • Which Madrigal do you relate to most?
  • Why did "We Don't Talk About Bruno" become it's number 1 single?
  • Representation and how it matters
  • Transgenerational trauma

Ending- Any music or audio clips were borrowed from the original source material.

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