Doctor Strange (2016)

A Lifetime of Happiness: Movies, TV, and Video Games

Apr 27 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

The Steves discuss the 2016 MCU blockbuster Doctor Strange, along with what's making them happy in pop culture today.

What's Making Us Happy?

  • Buffy Season 3 (Hulu)
  • The Batman (HBO+)

Doctor Strange Discussion

  • Why we love it
  • Names and numbers behind the screen
  • Doctor Strange's comic book origins and random history
  • The relationship between Stephen and Christine
  • The casting choice of The Ancient One
  • What's the 'thing' that defines you, and what would you do to fix it if it disappeared overnight?
  • Doctor Strange's metaphysical world compared to our understanding of the metaphysical
  • What relic would you like to be chosen by?
  • Is Doctor Strange's growth and powers earned by the end of the movie?
  • Hopes and dreams for the upcoming sequel

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