How we are keeping our Fuel Tanks full for a Better Relationship with Sammi & Nathan Jaeger

Date Forever

Sep 6 2022 • 30 mins

Sammi & Nathan, hosts of The Date Forever Podcast share their 8 tank Fuelled Up Life framework and what they are doing in the different areas of their life to keep things Fuelled up and their relationship thriving.

Sammi & Nathan first started dating in 2007 and are now in their early thirties and this year will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. They are passionate about how the quality of our relationships impacts the quality of our lives. They hope that by sharing relationship ideas, tools and resources, everyone can create an even better relationship.

We chat

  • The 8 Fuel Tanks to a Fuelled Up Life
  • How Sammi & Nath are currently keeping our tanks full
  • The challenges Sammi & Nath are facing in the various areas of our life and relationship
  • How this framework helps Sammi & Nath to have an even better relationship

Better Relationships

We empower couples to create thriving relationships so that they can play all out in life, set big goals and put plans in place to actually achieve them

Better World

Many research studies have shown that great relationships are associated with better health, greater happiness, and even a longer life. If more of us had thriving, healthy, happy romantic relationships, we know we would have a better world. That's why, every time someone works with us, via our partnership with Buy1Give1 we also help someone else in the world. Yep a stranger, someone you'll never meet.

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