Discovering your true emotions and desires for a better relationship with Steph Wagner and Dalton Ahern

Date Forever

Aug 30 2022 • 56 mins

Our thoughts impact our feelings, our feelings impact our actions and our actions create our lives. But what if you are getting stuck at the feeling part and you can’t really figure out how you feel or what you want? Today’s guests share their journey of broadening their understanding of their own emotions and the way that they then shaped their desires for the life and lifestyle they want to live.

Steph Wagner and Dalton Ahern are a few years into their relationship and have recently made the flip from the 9-5 routine to the totally nomadic, remote working life currently hanging out in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are the hosts of the podcast Life with Steph and Dalt where they share the ups and downs of life as a young couple.

We chat

  • Starting a relationship in the ashes of a previous relationship
  • Creating language for your feelings by using an emotions wheel
  • Unpacking and living out your true desires in life.

Resources mentioned

The Universe of emotions -

Better Relationships

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Better World
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