Womenpreneur Asia

Krista Goon

Womenpreneur Asia is a show for women entrepreneurs in Asia to share what they know with other women who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

It's about the gritty yet inspiring stories, the little-known struggles and the much-talked about sweet success of being an Asian woman in business across Asia.

Womenpreneur Asia is created and hosted by Krista Goon who is a Malaysian entrepreneur, author and marketer. All episodes are sponsored by Redbox Studio.

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Oct 26 2020
1 min
S03E014: BONUS Episode with Dianne Lee, Los Angeles, USADebbie Choa, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of Projek57, Malaysia
Dec 24 2021
1 hr 12 mins
Michelle Sin and Melissa Sin, SKB Shutters Corporation Berhad, MalaysiaTanya Rolfe and Christine Yu, Co-founders of Sophia, Singapore & Hong KongFiona Marcus Raja, Founder & Managing Director of Borneo International Exhibition Sdn Bhd, MalaysiaPenny Choong, Founder of Penny Essentials, MalaysiaPadmaja Vaswani, Founder & CEO of Siksha Group, IndiaChalita Hongsakul, Managing Director of Wakingbee Corporation, ThailandSaliza Abdullah, Managing Director & CEO, BG Capital Holdings Group of Companies, MalaysiaTitaporn Tuchinda, Managing Director of The Growth and Change Co. Ltd., Thailand
Titaporn Tuchinda is this week's guest and she is an executive coach, entrepreneur and investor in Thailand with more than one business! She is the Managing Director of The Growth and Change Co., Ltd, Thailand and founder and board member of Brighton College International School just outside of Bangkok. She has also conceptualised and set up two boutique hotels in Chiangmai from scratch! Titaporn is also an executive coach with Aberkyn. These businesses seem unrelated on the surface but as we went deeper into the conversation, we realized that each of these businesses taps into Titaporn’s love for learning and education. A mother of three teenagers, Titaporn came into the business after 12 years in the corporate world of McKinsey. As a management consultant, she had no idea what she was going to do when she quit her job except that she wanted to go into business.  In this episode, she spoke about: Why having 3 scenarios for a business is crucial What she is no longer afraid of, having learnt this lesson during this covid pandemicA pivotal time of her life - one that changed her life completelyHer big regret until today (and it has nothing to do with her businesses) The crucial 24 months in the startup phase of any business How decisions are no longer escalated up to her Where she intends to go into the next phase of her entrepreneurial life Setting herself a crazy goal each year The secret sauce enabling her to manage all her businesses as well as her family without losing her head Why you don’t need to go to university to learn about business  For other interesting nuggets about Titaporn, visit womenpreneurasia.com
Oct 28 2021
59 mins
Jayce Tham, Chief Businesswoman of CreativesAtWork Pte Ltd, Singapore
Jayce Tham co-founded CreativesAtWork with her sister, Fanny, in 2012 and the two sisters couldn’t be more different! Jayce spent years in the corporate world while Fanny was in the creative industry.  The two Singaporean sisters created a pool and network of freelancers in Singapore and across the region to help corporate companies with everything media-related and creative-related such as photography to graphic design, from advertisements to short films. Unlike other platforms which offer freelancer matchmaking, CreativesAtWork's value is in the project management so that the creatives can be at their creative best! Jayce and Fanny saw that the market was ripe for a new generation of freelancers. Freelancing was becoming a more viable option for many especially the millennials. In this episode, Jayce and I speak about how she started and the challenges of running a media agency. She spoke about growing beyond offering project management as their business matures. We spoke about: What she wished she had known 9 years ago when she first started her media agency How she and her sister navigate that tricky, slippery slope of being siblings who are in business together The importance of working for others if your dream is to become your own boss eventually How she looked at clients’ work in the early years versus how she looks at the work nowHer most important piece of advice for herself (and for you) and she said she wished she learnt this sooner and saved herself all the pain and frustration The unpopular, contrarian opinion of dealing with difficult clients  For show notes and more, visit womenpreneurasia.com
Oct 21 2021
1 hr 4 mins
Laura Phan,  Founder & CEO of iZi Community, VietnamHelen Tan, Executive Chairman of Blanc Designs, MalaysiaYuka Imanishi, Founder  & CEO of CURIO Japan Inc.Amita Nandi, CEO and Founder of Tact World, Malaysia - Season 2, Ep. 13 with Krista GoonEve Phua, Founder of Believe Beauty Academy - Womenpreneur Asia Season 2, Ep. 12 with Krista GoonMichelle Yeo, Co-founder and General Manager of Dandy Modern Food - Womenpreneur Asia Season 2, Ep. 11 with Krista GoonBoonsiri Somchit-Ong, Co-founder & Chief Conceptualist of Xtrategize Technologies Sdn Bhd - Womenpreneur Asia Season 2, Ep 10 with Krista GoonRadha Mohan Durbha, Co-Founder & Director of Kereses Consulting India Private Ltd, India - Womenpreneur Asia Season 2, Ep. 9 with Krista Goon
This week, I spoke to Radha Mohan Durbha who is the co-founder and director of Kereses Consulting India Private Ltd, India. She started her business when she was 41 and in looking back, she wished she had started much earlier! Kereses Consulting India Private Ltd is a HR consulting business based in Bangalore, India that Radha started with her friend. As a HR recruiter, Radha is responsible for the planning, budgeting and operations of recruitment and training, and engages with organizations to facilitate a connection between potential employers and employees. While she helps employers in Bangalore find the right talents to power and run their businesses, she is also in her own way pushing the women’s agenda. Radha who considers herself a tough cookie and a feminist said she would try to inject a gender perspective into the hiring process and open more doors for women in the labour force in Bangalore.  Some factories, she said, never even had a women’s bathroom on their premises because hiring women was simply not in the equation! These were some of the HR-related yet women-related matters that Radha is trying to push for in her business. She may not run a social enterprise but it shows that a woman in business can influence how other women are hired and employed.  In this episode, she talks about: The differences between running one’s own business versus working in the corporate worldWhat she says to employers who insist that the jobs are meant for men Her zero billings when the pandemic hit India and the world and hiring wasn’t even possible That one single quality that differentiates a great recruiter from a good oneHow she has to chase after candidates and ensure they get to the interviews and the prep work she does before they even get to the interview Why LinkedIn is a great place for people like her What she does when she’s faced with a difficult decision Find additional information on womenpreneurasia.com
Jun 10 2021
1 hr 1 min
Jaklin Juanis, Founder of Professional Advancements Resources - Womenpreneur Asia Season 2, Ep. 8 with Krista Goon