Helen Tan, Executive Chairman of Blanc Designs, Malaysia

Womenpreneur Asia

Oct 7 2021 • 1 hr 5 mins

Following your dream.

After working for a few years in London, Helen came home to Penang, Malaysia to work in the family business.

Yet, her heart was always in the arts. She described how she would visit museums and art galleries in London and found that she was always joyful in these places.

And that was how she realised she had to pursue her love for the arts and started her design firm, Blanc Designs.

Helen loves to incorporate art as 3D forms for homes and offices rather than have art within a frame and within the confines of the museum or gallery.

She tests and tries unconventional ways of displaying and appreciating art while creating pieces that are functional. To her, art is life and life is art.

For more information about Helen, visit womenpreneurasia.com