7 - Getting Started With Mobile DevOps — with Sean O’Shea, Founder of Majestyk

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Mar 29 2022 • 18 mins

Implementing mobile DevOps is a must for development teams looking to improve efficiency and release more stable mobile products.

On this episode of the Product Builders podcast, Sean O'Shea, Founder of Majestyk Apps, describes mobile DevOps' importance and shares some valuable tips when getting started with mobile DevOps.

According to Sean, using mobile DevOps will help teams better coordinate and automate all the moving parts of the mobile development process. Mobile DevOps reduces silos within development teams and allows them to complete tasks in a more streamlined way.

Sean notes that though traditional DevOps and mobile DevOps are very similar in terms of methodology, the tools used in mobile DevOps are different. He also highlights the importance of using DevOps tools that are already hosted instead of building internal tools to reduce the time you spend supporting those internal tools.

Sean closes the episode by encouraging development teams to implement a mobile DevOps process as soon as possible. Doing so will allow them to build, test, release, and update mobile products much more quickly and improve their products' quality.

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