Ep. 24 - Handling Hatred and Finding Love

The On Purpose Podcast

Aug 15 2019 • 47 mins

The On Purpose Podcast Ep. 24 – Handling Hatred and Finding Love

It seems like everywhere you look, all you see is fighting and hate. We are divided by everything from race to religion to politics to socio-economic status. We live in a time where we have more freedom to express our opinions, our likes, our dislikes. We can choose which news we believe. We can easily spread misinformation and create distrust. So what can we do to find a way through the differences and see the humanity? Is there a way to find love in people or situations that seem to be filled with hate?

In this episode, we discuss the isolation that comes with hate, how to choose to live a more loving life and what we can do to live our lives with purpose and intention. We’ll also give you some strategies on how to be engaged with the people and world around you.

This week’s homework:

1.Take inventory of the times you hated something or someone this year? Why did you have this hate?

2.How can you improve accepting people with different opinions and finding love in hateful situations?

3.Email your findings to ONPURPOSE.OFFICIAL at GMAIL dot COM

Remember team life is too short to live any other way than on purpose. See you all next week!