Kathryn Mannix: What happens when we die?

Don‘t Ignore the Elephant

Nov 10 2021 • 56 mins

Kathryn Mannix is one of the UK’s leading palliative care specialists who carefully and tenderly encourages us to talk and learn more about the ultimate elephant in the room - death.

Kathryn’s written two brilliant books on the subject - With the End in Mind

And her latest book - Listen

Kathryn is also a patron of End of Life Doula UK, an invaluable resource if you’re looking after someone who’s dying.

Kathryn and I would love to know if this episode helped you have a difficult conversation. Let us know using the hashtag #DITE.

Kathryn’s entry for the Jar of Joy was celebrating her dad’s 90th birthday.  What are you putting in the jar this week?

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