ApeU Plans to Define the New Relationship Between Creators and Their Fans

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May 21 2022 • 6 mins

The Web3 creator economy is growing and expanding, with ApeU planning to define the new relationship between creators and their fans. The latest, upgraded version of the internet running on the blockchain provides more enhanced experiences for influencers and their supporters, allowing content creators to capitalize on their creations while connecting with a broader audience. In addition, the decentralized internet is changing the way things work for those who share their passions with the rest of the world, enabling them to earn more for curating content and posting it online. If there's ever been a good time to be a content creator, it's now!

Why the Shift to Web3 Benefits Creators

A shift from Web2 to Web3 offers creators new and exciting opportunities to earn more and have greater control over the content they're posting to various social media platforms. In the past, content creators didn't have nearly as much control over their content and would earn significantly less from posts, including reels, short clips, and videos. However, Web3 offers the public more power and opportunities, with endless earning potential. Although becoming a content creator was once considered more of a hobby than a career, Web3 is changing that. It's opening doors and making it possible for people worldwide to earn a livable wage from content creation instead of traditional 9-5 positions.

How ApeU Will Contribute to the Transformation of the Creator Economy

ApeU supports the shift to Web3 and the creator economy, creating a community-centered platform that provides an abundance of valuable content to its members. The goal is to build a strong, solid community that offers creators countless opportunities to do what they love while connecting with a global audience.

As one of the latest Web3 platforms, ApeU would like to allow content creators to have the opportunity to own and manage the community with all hands on deck. Every aspect of the community will benefit its users, from minimalism to copyright protection and pragmatism. The team behind the platform prioritizes the creators, offering the tools needed to help these individuals excel.

What to Expect From the Innovative Web3 Platform

ApeU is built on the core values of decentralization, self-sovereign, and ownership, allowing the creators to own the work they're posting and have more profound connections with their fans. In addition to these values, it's developing a welcoming space to help users on their journey of building a fanbase of supporters who appreciate them and look forward to what they post.

Version 1.0

The first version of ApeU, will offer the most basic functions, including a subscription model, content display, and badge NFT minting available exclusively to the first 10K fans. Later versions of the platform will include upgraded, advanced toolkits and functions. The platform looks forward to strengthening the relationships that creators typically have with their fans by offering new options through Web3 capabilities, including NFTs. More celebrities are connecting with their fans through NFTs, so it only makes sense for influencers to get in on this opportunity to offer NFT to fans.

Unique Ape NFTs

Although the platform itself is something for content creators to look forward to, ApeU also plans to sell 10K unique generated ape NFTs. The goal is to begin connecting with potential co-founders to help build the project and transform it from a simple vision to an actual product that people can use. The NFTs will eventually have utilities, but the team behind the project still has to decide on that utility before discussing its details with the investors of these NFTs. Either way, investors can jump at the chance to get involved in an innovative project sure to further define the creator econo