Feeling Funky Lately?! Us too!

Chicks Talking Shift

Aug 20 2021 • 58 mins

Ever feel like you’re in limbo, flat, empty, or just blank inside?

Welcome to the Void...where the Universe laughs at our plans.  This is when it’s best to idle in neutral and go within to assess our emotional and mental state for clarity and direction.

This is what happened as we prepared for our latest podcast.   We showed up in front of our mics completely blank.  Imagine that!  Two chicks with nothing to say!  So we hit the record button and did what we know best.  We talked our way through this in-between space.

Join us as our spontaneous dialogue leads us on a verbal adventure that explores:

  • Living from the inside-out instead of the outside-in
  • Choosing between the old and the new frequencies
  • Granting ourselves permission to do what’s best for us
  • The out of control feelings that drive us into more tribal mindsets

We left the conversation feeling inspired knowing that the simple truth is that this is conscious energy evolving with a gentle reminder that this disconnected feeling is sometimes what transformation feels like.

Let’s embrace the void, trusting that it’s taking us where we want to go.

Peace Up & Big Love,
Angel & Alecia