Courage is the New Sexy

Chicks Talking Shift

Jul 22 2021 • 1 hr 10 mins

When was the last time you got it up? ...not sure where your mind is going but we’re referring to COURAGE!

Why is courage so vitally important right now?

What fears are stopping you from having courageous conversations?

Let’s face it, doing something different while stepping outside of the tribe takes courage, especially when we feel vulnerable and unsure.  Rocking the boat with courage can make waves as we stand up for ourselves and bring the conviction of our voice to the table.

In this chat we pull back the covers and expose the facets of courage as it relates to parenting, the workplace, and  life/death just to name a few.  We talk about...

  • How to build the resiliency muscle - now’s the time!
  • Naming your fears & baby stepping your way out of them
  • Finding the courage to step outside the norm of comfort zones
  • Fear of loss blocks courage...get over it!

Join us in this heart-centered journey as we explore the sexiness of courage and what it takes to be the force our world needs us to be in this time of great change.

Peace Up & Big Love,
Angel & Alecia