3D Obstacles ---> 5D Outcomes

Chicks Talking Shift

May 8 2021 • 52 mins

Feeling like you’ve been “bullied by the Universe?”
Life fraught with obstacles?
Frustrated by uncertainty?

We’re not getting sucker-punched, we’re just being challenged to make a higher choice about how we look at the circumstances of our lives.  The stumbling blocks in this “3D reality” serve as the universal training ground for a “5D experience”...wondering what the heck all that means??

3rd Dimension (3D) = reality/the physical world; where we’ve been
5th Dimension (5D) = mindfulness/elevated consciousness; where we’re heading

This is the shift and we’re all in it!

Gear up to scale mountains of obstacles with these climbing tips from our chat: ⛰
🌟 Navigating the insecurities, emotions, & emptiness of uncertainty
🌟 Realigning with new perspectives & the power of choice
🌟 Oh and get the lowdown on the sh!ft Angel’s been dealing with!

Because the truth is, what’s happening to one of us is happening to all of us.

Peace Up ✌🏻 &  Big Love 💖
Angel & Alecia
Wayshowers for The Awakening

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