Manage Your Energy...Not Theirs

Chicks Talking Shift

Jan 27 2022 • 8 mins

WTF is Energy Management?!

It’s a balance of our inner-self with our outer world and quite frankly, it’s out of whack for most of us right now as we wrestle with what’s right, wrong, true, and untrue.

If you've been feeling kinda bitchy lately, you’re not alone.  These energies are chaotic! In this quick chick clip we define energy management and why it’s so essential for clarity and balance in times of uncertainty.

Helpful insights to:

  • Manage our energy in a trigger-happy world
  • Practice emotional & mental flexibility
  • Gain clarity through self-inquiry

Let’s clear the muck, raise the vibes, and create silver linings amongst the dark clouds wherever and whenever we can.  Our hurting world appreciates the intention to keep our vibe balanced.  It has a positive ripple effect on us collectively.

Peace Up & Big Love,

Angel & Alecia