Facing the Unknown with Knowing

Chicks Talking Shift

Mar 17 2021 • 56 mins

(Audio from video podcast)

The storms of life bring chaos and uncertainty and we’ve certainly had our share lately.  Facing the unknown and unexpected seems to have become the norm.  The Shift is about consciously embracing the places we’ve never been while tapping into our sensing mechanisms, learning to trust our intuition along the way.

This is a more personal conversation than usual.  Alecia shares the impact isolation from recent storms has had on her mental well-being while Angel expresses her vulnerability as she takes a huge leap of faith into unchartered territory.

In this chat, you’ll find many “pearls of wisdom” and practices that breeds more self-confidence to help dissolve fear.  Detach from the “need to know” by strengthening your sense of inner-knowing so that you can embrace the adventures ahead with less stress and hesitation.

Peace Up & Big Love
Angel & Alecia

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