Curiosity is a Superpower

Chicks Talking Shift

Feb 5 2021 • 39 mins

(Audio from video podcast)

💥Holy Shift, Batman!💥

Wanna save the world from conflict? Grab your cape. Your mission is to courageously lasso your inner truth.  We’re all being called to power up our super abilities to neutralize judgement which can alter the course of humanity!

Self-evaluation shields you from the villain of denial. Hard core beliefs can be kryptonite when left unchecked.  Take a page from our comic book and arm yourself with these conscious superpowers:

  • Curiosity eases stress - Unleash the power of well-being
  • Curiosity shakes up fear - Sets the opposition off balance
  • Curiosity is heart energy - It’s not for weaklings

If the separation is draining your life force, tap into your spidey senses.  You’ll marvel at how you’ll glide over division once your ego’s mask is removed and your true identity is revealed.

“Which will hold greater rule over you?  Your fear or your curiosity?” ~Wonder Woman

And remember, change begins with you.

Peace Up & Big Love!
Angel & Alecia


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