What Would Jesus Say?

Chicks Talking Shift

Apr 15 2022 • 7 mins


Guess who we’re talking about in this wisdom clip…no, not the 🐰 Easter Bunny🐰…but someone who many are celebrating this weekend…you guessed it, Jesus.

In these crazy times, we wondered, “WWJD or say” about the division between so many of us lately?  What advice would he offer us?

Even in the midst of division and unkindness, Jesus beckoned us to walk a higher path and choose love.  Enjoy this snippet of classic teachings that serve as reminders on ways to be a better human.

We’ll leave you with this oldie but goodie…”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Be golden!

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter. ✝️

🐇 Hippity hop🐇

Peace up✌️ & Big love💖

Angel & Alecia