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Eavesdrop on Alecia & Angel's enlightened conversations that remind us transformation can be fun. We're embracing change, elevating consciousness while raising the vibes... one chat at a time... with humor, sage insight, and flair. Gain new perspectives and tools that help you navigate the changes you're experiencing in your life. In chick talk...we’re chattin’ about changing lives that are changing while adding sparkle to the struggle and glow to the flow. Co-hosted by Conscious Advice Columinst, Alecia Rice, and Transformation Coach, Angel Carlton; Wayshowers for the Awakening. Peace Up & Big Love!

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What Would Jesus Say?
Apr 15 2022
7 mins
What Would Jesus Say?Escape Your Comfort ZoneAn Opportunity to Awaken - Featuring Eckhart TolleExtinction? Evolution? Our Choice - Featuring Barbara Marx HubbardBe the Refuge - Featuring Thich Nhat HanhWhere the *bleep* Are the Leaders?!Manage Your Energy...Not TheirsThe Struggle is RealUnzipping the Technology Sh!ftEase Change with the 4 E's - SPARK OF INSIGHT SHORT CLIPTriggered by Current Culture Wars? Stop This Us vs Them ShiftFeeling Funky Lately?! Us too!Life Chat:  Alecia's Recent RevelationsCourage is the New SexyWhat Will They Say?:  Your Clean Slate AwaitsGot Social Awkwardness?!3D Obstacles ---> 5D OutcomesFacing the Unknown with KnowingGrowing through Grief Special Guest Series with Erin Browning - Free Gift Link
Feb 24 2021
59 mins
Curiosity is a Superpower