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Eavesdrop on Alecia & Angel's enlightened conversations that remind us transformation can be fun. We're embracing change, elevating consciousness while raising the vibes... one chat at a time... with humor, sage insight, and flair. Gain new perspectives and tools that help you navigate the changes you're experiencing in your life. In chick talk...we’re chattin’ about changing lives that are changing while adding sparkle to the struggle and glow to the flow. Co-hosted by Conscious Advice Columinst, Alecia Rice, and Transformation Coach, Angel Carlton; Wayshowers for the Awakening. Peace Up & Big Love! read less
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Growing through Grief Special Guest Series with Erin Browning - Free Gift Link
Feb 24 2021
Growing through Grief Special Guest Series with Erin Browning - Free Gift Link
(Audio from video podcast)“We’re so resilient as humans. Sometimes hearing someone else’s story is a perfect reminder of the resilience we share as a common bond.” ~Erin Browning🎁  GET YOUR FREE SHIFT GIFT DOWNLOAD - PEARLS OF WISDOM FROM THIS PODCAST: Loss is a form of change. Grief is a response to change. Change is uncomfortable and often triggers growth.  Growing through grief is possible when we seek healthy perspectives and resources to help us move out of the chaos of darkness and into the light.Erin Browning joins us in our Special Guest Series and shares her touching story of loss and healing.  This optimistic conversation gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to grief...The rawness of the grieving process - allowing its expressionSocial expectations - sifting through your needs and what others expectSeeking higher truth in the heavier emotions - managing the pity partiesSelf-care while grieving?! It’s possible but may look differentSo whether you’re grieving a loss or struggling with uncertainty, this uplifting show offers a sense of support and encouragement for your precious journey. Peace Up & Big Love!Angel & AleciaWayshowers for The AwakeningChicksTalkingShift.comFree Shift Gift Download - 20 Pearls of Wisdom for GriefWebsite: Browning on InstagramErin Browning on FacebookLink to Angel's book Dedicated to DestinyChicks Talking Shift on FacebookChicks Talking Shift on YouTube