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Pregnancy & Infant Loss: 2 Women’s Stories of Love and Loss
Oct 28 2021
Pregnancy & Infant Loss: 2 Women’s Stories of Love and Loss
Trigger Warning: Pregnancy and Infant Loss As we hold moms who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss in our hearts, there is another group of women who struggle in silence without support. Many women have had to make the impossible decision to terminate a pregnancy for medical reasons. Unfortunately, these women aren’t shown the same support after their loss because their decision is oftentimes seen as controversial or wrong. In this episode, we sit down with women who have experienced pregnancy loss as they share their stories about what it was like to make these decisions and how it has shaped them into who they are today. Here are the links to the two articles Jesse mentioned during the podcast The Ball In The Box: Processing Grief: You can learn more about the Detroit Mom Infertility and Loss Support Group on Facebook: And the Detroit Mom Pregnancy After Loss & Infertility Support Group:   Join Elizabeth Lewis, CEO of Detroit Mom, as she talks with real moms about real life issues on The Unfiltered Mom. This week’s guests are Jesse Sutherland (@jsuth03), Brooke Stone (@MsBStone), and Rachel Redmond (@rachael.e.redmond). You can find Detroit Mom on Instagram @detroitmoms On Facebook: Or their website: