The Aboriginal Outlaws Present: Mr Sargent and Mr White Go To Washington

The Aboriginal Outlaws

May 19 2022 • 2 hrs 47 mins

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Let the contestants duel in gentlemanly rhetoric, huzzah!

We're the Aboriginal Outlaws, the premier native American, American Indian, first nation, and indigenous people of color, comedy podcast, and we're funny as fuc... heck.

Gotta keep it clean. Nah, Fuck that, we're keeping it real.

It's week two of politicking for the outlaws, we're kissing hands and shaking babies, cuz our own, The Mighty Khal Joshua is running for high office! We play fair though, when we're not cheating, so we invite one of his opponents, Isaac White, of Akwesasne onto the compound to have a little political debate.

Wil Bear moderates and we're observed by first-time guest, @okie_rips, Mr. Justin Mitchell. Your candidates that matter both believe in change and sovereignty and will work to Make Akwesasne Great Again.

Sound serious? Fuggetabaddit, this double-sized episode is dripping with ooey gooey funny, think we forgot how to laugh? Tune in for the knowledge drops and the hilarity, we're The Aboriginal Outlaws!

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