Ep. 15 - Enemy of the State (1998)

Reel Shame

Apr 20 2020 • 32 mins

Will Smith is on the run from a lot of 90s actors, can he elude their superhacking skills before Jon Voight's evil politician takes him out?  Adam and Andy discuss Enemy of the State, as well as how they feel about the career of Tony Scott and hacker films in general.  You don't need to tape up your webcam or take out your SIM card, just watch (like Big Brother is watching you mwahahahaha)!

Show Notes:
What We've Been Watching
Adam: Altered Carbon S2, The Outsider, You, Disturbia, The Mask of Zorro

Andy: Messenger of Death, Miracle Mile, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

(~0:08) Introduction
(~0:48) What We've Been Watching
(~10:15) Featured Review
(~31:03) Up Next
(~32:18) Closing

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