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Season 11

What to Do with Conflict with Ted Ancelet
Aug 30 2023
What to Do with Conflict with Ted Ancelet
Join Katie and Matt as they welcome their friend Ted Ancelet to a thought-provoking episode centered around the art of peacemaking and conflict resolution. Together, they engage in an insightful conversation that delves into practical strategies and heartfelt insights for handling conflicts with compassion and understanding. Get ready to gain valuable perspectives on fostering harmony and growth in your relationships as they explore the transformative power of embracing conflicts as opportunities to follow Jesus and deepen our understanding of the Gospel.Ted Ancelet is the National Director of Spiritual Empowerment for Bethany Christian Services. Ted has been with Bethany for 9 years. Before that, he was a pastor for 10. At Bethany, Ted’s focus is the spiritual health of Bethany’s 1400+ employees. Ted oversees the training of Bethany staff in Relational Wisdom as well as biblical conflict resolution and peacemaking through a program he helped create called Coaching Peace. The training is a multi-level, interactive program built on a discipleship model. Ted also provides conflict coaching and mediation to Bethany’s employees and board members. E-mail Ted.Check out the first episode in this batch: Understanding Conflict.Matt, Katie, and Ted reference the book The Peacemaker by Ken Sandy.Interested in the Biblical Life Counseling Center? Visit our website or contact us. Find more about Matt Scheuneman here or find him on social media. Find more about Katie Neely here or find her on social media.

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